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Carpet cleaning technicians and contractors that clean carpets often struggle with drying times. The client obviously wants the carpet to dry as fast as possible so the area can be put back into service. However, this can present a safety issue.

Walking from a damp carpet onto a hard surface floor can be dangerous. As a result, proactive residential carpet cleaners know to now provide advance warning to customers, alerting them to a potential slip-and-fall hazard while the carpet is wet.

Wet carpet impacts more than the safety of building occupants; it also impacts the effectiveness of the cleaning job. As long as the carpet is wet, it is more susceptible to rapid resoiling. Dust and dry soil that might have little or no impact on a carpet when dry can quickly turn to mud and damage the carpet’s appearance. Additionally, damp carpets may still contain some cleaning solution residue. If present, the residue acts like a magnet, collecting soils, dust, and grime.

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