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That said, more extensive carpet cleaning methods are no sure-fire way to a clean, healthy carpet. Misused carpet cleaning equipment can even make the situation worse. Dry-cleaning methods are often insufficient for badly soiled carpet. Steam cleaning methods require high pressure equipment and a deft touch to prevent odors and damage associated with lingering moisture. Here are some of the major types of equipment that are on the market today, along with a brief synopsis of their cleaning methods:

  • Carpet Extractor: Sometimes called a “steam cleaner,” a carpet extractor pumps a detergent solution into the carpet, then sucks it out with a high-powered vacuum. Some models feature heaters, since hot water does a better job of breaking up oil-based dirt and stains. This system cleans deeper than most, but it will leave the carpet wet.
  • Self-Contained Carpet Extractor: This machine works on the same principle as extractor carpet cleaning equipment, but it includes a brush that scrubs the carpet between laying down the detergent and sucking it up. This type of carpet cleaning machine works well for large, industrial areas.
  • Extraction Restoration: This process adds to the extraction above by adding a rinsing aid, which will flush out chemicals and dirt more thoroughly—from this cleaning, as well as previous cleanings.
  • Bonnet Cleaning: This is a dry carpet cleaning machine in which a round pad, or “bonnet”, is placed on a standard floor buffer. It uses friction to pull dirt from the carpet fibers. Though your carpet will dry faster, this is not a deep-cleaning method.

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