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Cleaning & Janitorial Equipment Repairs

Cleaning & Janitorial Equipment Repairs has a complete repair shop with experienced technicians ready to diagnose and repair your commercial and industrial equipment. Whether you’re a business owner or subcontractor, our team will advise you on the best solution for repairing your equipment.

We’re your most-trusted option for professional, quick, and easy local service, repair, and maintenance of your janitorial equipment, commercial floor equipment, and industrial vacuums. We carry many of the equipment repair parts and accessories in our shop, so we can quickly troubleshoot your problem and fix it fast.


We provide professional janitorial equipment repairs on all of the major brands. We are experienced with fixing floor machines, carpet extractors, burnishers, air movers, and many other types of commercial equipment.

To keep your floor equipment running smoothly, trust our technicians to perform regular maintenance on all of your equipment.

Large Part Inventory Means It’s Done Right the First Trip

We know the importance of having repairs made right the first time for all your Cleaning & Janitorial Equipment Repairs! That is why we have dedicated a large percentage of our resources towards having one of the largest parts inventories in the midwest, and even the country. This has helped us to increase our capability to complete repairs on the first trip. Our vans are stocked with parts based upon movement codes and the equipment used by our customers (partners).

SoCal will repair your equipment fast!

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