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Vacuum Replacement Parts

  • Vacuum Replacement Parts

    Find the Vacuum Replacement Parts you need and call our customer service team for help with your repair. Our technicians are waiting by the phone to assist you in most do-it-yourself repairs including brush and vacuum cleaner belt replacements, filter changing, replacement of your motor and more.

    We offer the largest selection of Vacuum Replacement Parts & cleaner parts and accessories available online. No matter what problem you’re experiencing with your machine, we have the materials to assist you in your do it yourself vacuum cleaner repair. Our wide selection of products for all major brands of vacuum cleaners, new and old, are available at the lowest prices possible. On our site, you’ll also find the detailed diagrams and schematics for many different sweepers of all brands. Whether you’re experiencing problems with a vacuum cleaner that you recently purchased or your old sweeper from the 1950s that was passed down to you, we are sure to have the vacuum parts that you’re looking for.
    At SoCal Vacuum Store, our staff is comprised of experts with Vacuum Replacement Parts and vacuum cleaner repair specialists with years of experiencing fixing sweepers of all brands. While we specialize in Electrolux and Eureka sweepers, we are also very familiar with many other brands including Hoover, Dyson, Oreck, and more. Even the most difficult repairs are routine for our technicians who are skilled in even the most advanced procedures. Our schematics will help you to locate the correct replacement parts for your sweeper so that you get the correct parts the first time around.

    How To Change a Belt:

    Replacing a broken belt on your vacuum cleaner is one of the most common and simple repairs that can be done easily at home. On most vacuum cleaners you will need to unscrew the base of the vacuum cleaner in order to gain access to the brushroll. These screws can be located on either the top or bottom of the base of the sweeper or power head. Once the base has been unscrewed and removed, locate the agitator brush of your vacuum cleaner. Remove the brush and replace the belt on the motor shaft and around the brushroll using the brush to stretch the belt into place. Make sure to lock the brushroll back into place. Replace the base of your carpet sweeper.

    How To Change a Brush Assembly:

    Changing the brushroll on your sweeper is another common repair. The agitator brush of your sweeper is powered by a belt and brushes the carpet, loosening dirt and allowing it to be picked up by the suction of your machine. While the brushroll in your machine may never break, replacing it is very simple in the event that it does. Unscrew and remove the base of your vacuum. Remove the brushroll making sure to remove the end caps as well. At this time, you may want to consider replacing the belt on your machine as well. Place the belt around your brush and stretch the belt into place making sure to lock the end caps of your brush into place. Replace the base of your machine and tighten each screw.

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